Weekly Node.js Update - #19 - 05.11, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v10.1.0 (Current)

Notable Changes:

  • console:
    • make console.table() use colored inspect (TSUYUSATO Kitsune)
  • fs:
    • move fs/promises to fs.promises (cjihrig)
  • http:
    • added aborted property to request (Robert Nagy)
  • n-api:
    • initialize a module via a special symbol (Gabriel Schulhof)
  • src:
    • add public API to expose the main V8 Platform (Allen Yonghuang Wang)

Node.js Foundation Executive Director’s Update, May 2018

The executive director of the Nodej.js Foundation, Mark Hinkle provides major updates from the Node.js Foundation team and the most recent Node.js Foundation board meeting every month. Read his latest update hereby.

Golang vs Node.js

Node.js is a wildly popular option for creating backend apps. Golang is quickly increasing in popularity as a general web development language. Which do you prefer?

Working with stdout and stdin of a child process in Node.js

In this blog post, we run shell commands as child processes in Node.js. We then use async language features to read the stdouts of those processes and write to their stdins.

Npm Attackers Sneak a Backdoor into Node.js Deployments through Dependencies

Maintainers of the npm registry for JavaScript code have recently identified what appeared to be a software supply-chain attack that took advantage of the nested dependency model of Node.js modules.


Build a “Serverless” SMS FAQ Bot, Part 2: Training via Slack!

What if a user asks something that isn’t in the FAQ? Let's set up an easy way to add new content to your FAQ service via Slack slash commands.

Previously Node.js Updates:

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