Weekly Node.js Update - #9 - 03.02, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v9.7.1 (Current) released

No additional commits are included in this release.

A new version was published due to a bad node-v9.7.0.pkg (macOS installer) file that was published to nodejs.org in the previous release.

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Meet my Free, Local API Server for your Front-End Adventures (written in Node.js)!

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to develop a web app to experiment with front-end frameworks, but you were short of data?

Guess what; in this article, one of the best engineers of RisingStack, Robert Czinege shares a free API service with you that you can also use for your own projects.

How to Build a URL Shortener With Node.js and MongoDB

Let's see how to build a URL shortening service like http://bit.ly or http://goo.gl , using Express.js (Nodejs) and MongoDB.

Here’s a demo of the final product you’ll be building through our MongoDB hosting platform.

Deploying a production Node/Express Mongo App to AWS — A Reflection

Lessons learned - deploying a production web application in AWS.

This article contains the personal journey of a coder along learning Node.js, Express, and AWS. Let's see how did he manage to cope with issues popping up.


Build a “Serverless” SMS Hub in Under 7 Minutes with Node.js, StdLib, and MessageBird

In this guide, you’ll walk through a simple example of creating a StdLib service that responds to incoming messages. The result will be fully customizable to support whatever SMS messaging functionality you require. Let’s get started!

When to use CQRS?!

CQRS is becoming increasingly suitable for the masses. However, many developers can hardly estimate whether it is worth the effort.

So, when to use CQRS? What are they anyway? What is the design pattern CQS uses? Read this post to get an answer to these questions.

Machine Learning From Scratch: The Perceptron Model

Learn how to build a perceptron model from scratch with Javascript!

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