Weekly Node.js Update - #24 - 06.15, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node.js Updates from June 12

Google Cloud announces support for Node.js in App Engine

Google announced that App Engine is gaining support for the wildly popular Node.js JavaScript run-time.
One of the primary focuses for App Engine’s Node.js support is making the experience comfortable and familiar for developers.

Deploying Node.js on App Engine standard environment

In this video you will learn how you can quickly and easily deploy a Node.js application on App Engine standard environment.

AWS SDK for Node.js Best Practices

Most code examples covering the AWS SDK for Node.js initialize various AWS service clients. Save precious loading times and memory — especially helpful in compute resource constrained environments like an IoT device or inside an AWS Lambda function.

How To Interact With Database Using Async Module In Node.js

The asynchronous feature of Node.js makes the processes more efficient, but we cannot prefer this asynchronous nature in all scenarios. When should we select the synchronous method over the asynchronous?

The Dangers of Malicious Modules

According to a recent security survey by npm, 77% of respondents were concerned with the security of OSS/third-party code. This post will be covering security vulnerabilities introduced into an application by way of code written by a third party.

Building A Pub/Sub Service In-House Using Node.js And Redis

As the size of data for each message in our system differs from a few bytes to up to 100MB, we needed a scalable solution that could support a multitude of scenarios. In this article, Dhimil Gosalia explains why you should consider building an in-house Pub/Sub service, too.

From Node.js to Go: There, and back again

Read TheNativeWeb's story about chosing GO over Node.js to write a wolkenkit CLI, then rewrite everything from scratch, this time using Node.js again. What did they learn from this journey?

Why Is Node.js Becoming Popular Among Online Retailers?

This smart technology makes the app ten times faster than other technologies, by decreasing the load time to a large extent.

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