Weekly Node.js Update - #6 - 02.09, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Building a realtime polls app with Node.js and Pusher

Over the years, web apps have come a long way, incorporating various technologies and techniques to create a more engaging experience for the user. Realtime technologies are one such improvement.

In this article, we’ll learn how to build a polls app. The home page of the app will display a list of polls which update in realtime.


Use OpenWhisk for FaaS with Node.js and Couchbase NoSQL

In this article, you are going to see how to create serverless functions using OpenWhisk to communicate with our Couchbase Server database.

Why Developers Love Node.js & what's their main issue with it? Survey Results.

A few months ago we surveyed our readers to gain insights on what Node.js is used for & why developers still love it. The insightful results are presented in this article. Besides, the survey also revealed the greatest problems devs face with using Node.


A Node.js Perspective on MongoDB 3.6: Array Filters

Before MongoDB 3.6, you could only update at most one element of the comments array at a time because of limitations with the positional operator $.

Luckily, array filters mark an end to that limitation, in addition, add several more exciting features, like updating nested arrays.

How to prevent your Node.js process from crashing

What happens if you don’t handle a rejected promise in Node.js? How can you debug that? Read this post to avoid your Node.js apps from crashing.


Creating a Google home app part 2 - The Game

this is the second part of the 'Creating a Google app' series (see the first one here. In this part, you are going to learn how to create a useful, more complex app, and learn a fair bit more about the GoogleActionSDK.

How N26 built a modern banking software with JavaScript & Microservices

We are happy to announce our new podcast series called the 'Top of the Stack' which focuses on architecture design, development trends & best practices for creating scalable applications.

In the first episode, we interviewed Patrick Kua, the CTO of N26, a successful banking startup from Germany. Read the article, (or listen to it here for some interesting insights on how they benefited from using microservices.

Learn Node.js & Microservices

Would you like to know more about the Node.js Fundamentals, Microservices, Kubernetes, Angular, or React? We have good news for you!

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