Weekly Node.js Update - #8 - 02.23, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v9.6.1 (Current) is released

This is a special release to fix potentially Semver-Major regression that was released in v9.6.0

  • events:
    • events.usingDomains being set to false by default was removed in 9.6.0 which was a change in behavior compares to 9.5.0. This behavior change has been reverted and the events object now has usingDomains preset to false, which is the behavior in 9.x prior to 9.6.0 (Myles Borins)

Show-stopping bug appears in npm Node.js package manager

A new release of npm, fatally changes file permissions. This has been fixed already, but the entire messy process revealed more fundamental problems.

By running sudo npm under a non-root user (root users do not have the same effect), filesystem permissions are being heavily modified.

3 simple tricks for smaller Docker images

When you're building Docker containers, you should aim for as small images as possible. As smaller size images that share layers are quicker to transfer and deploy.


Using Promise.prototype.finally in Node.js

This article will show you how to use Promise.prototype.finally() and how to write your own simplified polyfill.

How to Build Twitter’s Real-time Likes Feature with Node.js and Pusher

In this article, you can take a glance on how to implement your own real-time post statistics (we’ll limit ourselves to Likes) for Twitter in a simple Node.js app.

Protected routes and Authentication with React and Node.js

In this tutorial, we’ll quickly implement the basic authentication flow using JSON Web Tokens that a Strapi API provides.

Also, we'll check how to use authentication providers (Facebook, GitHub, Google…) with Strapi to authenticate your users.

How Fintonic uses Node.js, MongoDB & Kubernetes to scale

The 2nd episode of the Top of the Stack is out!

We interviewed Angel Manuel Cereijo Martinez and Roberto Ansuini to get some great architectural insights about Fintonic and learn how they built their backend using #Nodejs & #Kubernetes, and #MongoDB.

Learn Node.js & Microservices

Would you like to know more about the Node.js Fundamentals, Microservices, Kubernetes, Angular, or React? We have good news for you!

8 React Interview Questions for 2018

How to prepare for a React Interview? Here's our inspiration for both interviewers and interviewees.

These questions help us at RisingStack to find enthusiastic, knowledgeable React.js developers.

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