Weekly Node.js Update - #13 - 04.13, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Introducing Hapi Pal

Introducing HapiPal, a suite of tools and best practices for the working hapijs developer.

We have invested years of energy into what we have found to be a delightful, sustainable approach to developing web services using nodejs, and it’s finally time to open up.


Node.js can HTTP/2 push!

Since introducing HTTP/2 into Node.js 8 in July of 2017, the implementation has undergone several rounds of improvements. Now we’re almost ready to lift the “experimental” flag. It’s best to try out HTTP/2 support with Node.js version 9, which has all the latest fixes and improvements.

Consumer Driven Contract Testing with Node.js & Pact

Making sure that you're not breaking your clients' code is a real challenge in the world of APIs. We'd like to present a clean way to make sure everyone stays happy, and things don't break. Check out our presentation at NodeBP on consumer-driven contract testing.


DevOps 101 (not just) from a Node.js Perspective

Npm has lots of modules for DevOps, like logging, metrics, service discovery. But when you arrive at production-land, you may find that these are already handled by old players. Check out another NodeBP presentation on Devops 101 from a Node.js perspective.


An Intuitive Node.js Client for the Kubernetes API

Do you use Node.js and Kubernetes? Have you wanted to invoke the Kubernetes API directly in Node.js? In this post you can find a kubernetes-client to provide an easy-to-use Node.js interface to the Kubernetes API.

Node, Typescript and Express routers as classes

In this post you will read a solution for writing Express.js routers as classes in Typescript. Take a sneak peek of the author's architecture, which makes the application components easily testable as well as microservice-ready.

Simplify your functions adding “hooks” to your Promises

In this post, you can read about a simple technique to help you decouple pieces of functionalities of your code: hooks.

Implementing SOLID and the onion architecture in Node.js with TypeScript and InversifyJS

What does the so-called onion-architecture look like? In this article, you'll read describtion of this special architecture.

RisingStack's Microservices & Kubernetes Trainings in New York!

RisingStack is going to New York! We are glad to announce that on June 4-5 we're going to deliver our Microservices training, and on June 7-8, we're going to organize a Kubernetes training as well. Read this post for more info!

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