The Node.js Update - #Week 39 - 5 October, 2018

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js updates, tutorials & announcements from this week.

The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Announce an Intent to Merge

"After having two separate Foundations for two years, we believe there needs to be a tighter integration between both Foundations to enable greater support for Node.js and a broader range of JavaScript projects. We look forward to continuing to support the healthy growth of the JavaScript ecosystem and look forward to the potential of supporting an even wider range of projects that the JavaScript ecosystem is dependent on as well as projects that focus on new areas of growth for JavaScript."

Node v11.0.0 Proposal

This is the in progress 11.0.0 release. The changelog is expected to change significantly as new 10.x releases occur between now and Oct 23.

Please consider the semver-major cut-off to be in effect. I will only pull in semver-major commits that have consensus from the TSC or are considered critical fixes.

PM2 Runtime - 3.2 Autumn Features

PM2 Runtime, the Open Source process manager just rolled out a bunch of new features, including:

  • Exponential Backoff Restart Delay
  • Automatic Version Retrieval
  • pm2 env <app_id>
  • Tarball Packaging

& more..

Create a Discord bot using Node

In this tutorial, I’ll create a simple Discord bot using Node.js. The bot will be connected to a Discord server and translate every message that’s not written in English.


On Node Framework Popularity

"After 4 days and 802 responses (one of which told me to stick my survey up…), I crunched the numbers and got an interesting picture of the current community mood around HTTP frameworks."


Why I Use Node.js for Basically Everything I Do

I have to write a lot of scripts. A lot of scripts. Oftentimes this is because there are a lot of tasks that are too complex to do by hand, or too massive to be done by hand. So I turn to writing scripts for everything that takes too long. It reduces errors and increases performance.

And I know most programmers are thinking how well Python or even C# or Go would be suited to these tasks, but there are three key reasons why I always choose NodeJS.

  • It is not I/O blocking
  • It takes care of itself
  • Interactive Results


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