Node.js Weekly Update - September 22

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

DIY Object Recognition with Raspberry Pi, Node.js, & Watson

A glorious thing nowadays is that you needn't be an AI researcher to leverage machine learning.

In this posr you will learn how to roll your own custom object recognition solution with Raspberry Pi, Node.js, and Watson.

Mastering the Node.js Core Modules - The Process Module

In this article, you will take a look at the Node.js Process module, and what hidden gems it has to offer. After you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to write production-ready applications with much more confidence.

Topics include:

  • process.on('uncaughtException') vs process.on('unhandledRejection'),
  • Node.js signal events, like SIGTERM and SIGUSR1,
  • Node.js exit codes.

npm v5.4.2 released

This is a small bug fix release wrapping up most of the issues introduced with 5.4.0.

Node.js Performance Monitoring - Debugging the Event Loop

In this blog post, you will take a deep dive into the Node.js event loop and learn how to diagnose and debug issues that stem from unoptimized JavaScript.

Typically you’re going to want your Node.js application to perform with low lag and high idle time in the event loop—this is usually a sign of an efficient application.

Modern JavaScript cheatsheet

This document is a cheatsheet for JavaScript you will frequently encounter in modern projects and in most contemporary sample code.

This guide is not intended to teach you JavaScript from the ground up, but to help developers with basic knowledge who may struggle to get familiar with modern codebases because of the JavaScript concepts used.

Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

In the previous Node.js Weekly Update we read that how the Node.js module ecosystem should be rethought with keeping the browser in mind as well, as well as what's new in Node.js 8.5.

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