Node.js Weekly Update - October 27

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v8.8.0 (Current), 24 October

Notable Changes:

  • crypto:
    • expose ECDH class
  • http2:
    • http2 is now exposed by default without the need for a flag
    • a new environment variable NODE_NO_HTTP2 has been added to allow userland http2 to be required
    • support has been added for generic Duplex streams
  • module:
    • resolve and instantiate loader pipeline hooks have been added to the ESM lifecycle
  • zlib:
    • CVE-2017-14919 - In zlib v1.2.9, a change was made that causes an error to be raised when a raw deflate stream is initialized with windowBits set to 8. On some versions this crashes Node and you cannot recover from it, while on some versions it throws an exception. Node.js will now gracefully set windowBits to 9 replicating the legacy behavior to avoid a DOS vector.

A Node v8.8.1 fix was released on 26, October to fix timeout with null handle issue.

Rich Trott (@trott)No V8 commit can land if it breaks Node.js

Testing a Node.js API

Have you just built an API with Node.js? If you'd really like to make a progress as a developer, you'll have to start testing your APIs.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to write a Node.js API test. Dive in!

Google APIs Node.js Client

Node.js client library is supported by Google to assess Google APIs.
This library on Github is still in maintenance mode, as they are still working on some bugs and adding new features to meet the requirements of or accessing Google APIs. Code on!

V8 Release 6.3

This week, V8 version 6.3 has been announced, which is in beta until its release in coordination with Chrome 63 Stable in several weeks. V8 v6.3 is filled with all sorts of developer-facing goodies, such as improved speed, memory consumption, and debugging, as well as new ECMAScript language features.

Microsoft adds multithreading to Node.js for compute-heavy apps

Microsoft’s beta Napa.js runtime is offering multithreaded support for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, to provide the flexibility of JavaScript with a speedy performance akin to C++’s.

By introducing multithreading to Node.js, the Napa.js runtime can more easily handle computation-intensive tasks.

Serverless Node with AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB

Lambda and AWS API Gateway provide a quick and efficient way of building RESTful APIs. Developers can setup a lambda (i.e., a function) in JavaScript, or any other major programming language, and trigger it by an HTTP request.

How to do it? Check it out in this tutorial. You will create a lambda CRUD microservice which saved data in a DB.

On Node.js, Go and concurrency

Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js said the following while he was talking about Node's concurrency model:

[...] I think Node is not the best system to build a massive server web. I would use Go for that. And honestly, that’s the reason why I left Node. It was the realization that: oh, actually, this is not the best server-side system ever.

What does this mean for the Node.js community? Is this the end of the Node-era?

Our Beginner Node.js Tutorials are now available in Russian too

We are happy to announce that our most comprehensive Node.js tutorial series is now available in 2 languages: English and Russian.

By eliminating the language barrier, we hope that a lot of new developers can learn about the fantastic possibilities that Node.js provides.

Check it out!

Token based authentication in Node.js with Passport, JWT and bcrypt

When you develop an API, most of the times you’ll need part or all of its endpoints to require authentication. How to do that using Node.js?

A combination of passport.js with JWT and bcrypt is one of the best ways to implement it. Time to go stateless!

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