Node.js Weekly Update - January 5

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v8.9.4 (LTS)

Node v8.9.4 (LTS) is released (03 Jan)

notable changes:

  • deps:
    • upgrade npm to 5.6.0 (Kat Marchán) #17535
  • build:
    • configure can now be run from any directory (Gibson Fahnestock) #17321

Node v6.12.3 (LTS) was also released on the 2nd Jan, click here for more info.

Meltdown and Spectre Bugs

Meltdown and Spectre work on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. Depending on the cloud provider's infrastructure, it might be possible to steal data from other customers.

This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.

The Node.js Community was amazing in 2017! Here's the proof:

In our final article of 2017, we collected a bunch of longreads which were created by the Node community.

Optimize Middleware implementation in Express application - part 3

This is the 3rd chapter of an Express.js middlewares tutorial series, where you will explore effective ways to use middlewares in our application.

If you want to read from the start, find the first two chaprest here and here.

Introducing Mongoose 5.0.0-rc0

The major forcing functions for this release:

  • MongoDB 3.6 removed support for the way mongoose did authentication (which is why mongoose needed the useMongoClient option)
  • The 3.0.0 release of the official MongoDB Node.js driver.

25 Amazing Open Source Node.js Projects for the Past Year (v.2018)

This competitive list picks the best open source Node.js projects published between Jan and Dec, 2017.

How I spent my Christmas enabling SSR

Read this tutorial if you need help with implementing SSR in a redux-saga/react application.

Results: It was a success (min ~200% improvement) and we plan to push the changes to production.

Node.js Postmortem Debugging for Fun and Production

This article explores the postmortem debugging process in more detail, including how to capture core dumps, and how those dumps can be analyzed using the llnode tool.

User Authentication with Passport and Koa

This tutorial discusses how to set up a local authentication strategy with Node, Koa, and koa-passport, where users can sign up and log in using a username and password.

Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

In the previous Node.js Weekly Update, we brough you the finest articles of the past week. This included the release of Node v8.9.2 and v6.12.1 (LTS), OpenCV’s deep neural networks module, health checks and graceful shutdown for Node.js applications, and improving speed with native addons. Click if you missed it!

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