Node.js Weekly Update - December 15

Below you can find RisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v9.3.0 (Current) released

Notable changes:

  • async_hooks:
    • add trace events to async_hooks (Andreas Madsen)
    • add provider types for net server (Andreas Madsen)
  • console:
    • console.debug can now be used outside of the inspector (Benjamin Zaslavsky)
  • deps:
    • upgrade libuv to 1.18.0 (cjihrig)
    • patch V8 to 6.2.414.46 (Myles Borins) more!

Node.js and the Web Tooling Benchmark

The Web Tooling Benchmark is a collaborative effort to ensure that the VM implementations and application platforms that support the JavaScript ecosystem are capable of supporting the workloads of the most popular and most depended upon developer tooling frameworks.

Thanks to some recent work by the Node.js Benchmarking Working Group, the Web Tooling Benchmark is now run nightly against Node.js master.

Consumer Driven Contract Testing with Pact

At RisingStack we love working with Microservices, as this kind of architecture gives us flexibility and speed.

In our latest blog post we'll show you why is it beneficial to do contract testing, and how can you implement it in your own Node.js microservices architecture with the Pact framework.

VS Code: Showcasing The Power of Real Time Collaboration

In this demo Chris Dias and Amanda Silver demonstrate how you can easily acquire developer tools, collaborate on Visual Studio Live Share to fix a bug, and work with new extensions in Visual Studio Code to work with Azure App Service, Docker, Azure Functions, and Cosmos DB.


Securing real time applications with JSON Web Tokens

This post focuses on a great challenge for real-time tools: how to really make communication secure, how to control user identity, how to manage permissions and access control.

Why To Choose Node.js For Server Side Programming

This article explains why a lot of companies have already started using Node.js. It elaborates on why to use Node.js for development and in what cases it might not be the best idea.

How I built a replacement for Heroku and cut my platform costs by 4X

Read the story of a self-taught developer, former photographer, who had enough of paying a fortune for server providers. After a few months of planning, designing, building, deleting, he built his own server, CaptainDuckDuck, that was launched in October, 2017.


Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

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