Node.js Weekly Update - 27 Jan, 2017

Read the most important Node.js weekly news & updates: Event Sourcing, Fixing npm's package hell, Parsing anything in JavaScript using Early algorithm, Certified developer program + Individual Membership Director election from the Node Foundation.

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The 6 must-read Node.js articles/projects of this Week:

○ Event Sourcing with Examples - Node.js at Scale

Event Sourcing is a powerful architectural pattern to handle complex application states that may need to be rebuilt, re-played, audited or debugged.

From this article you can learn what Event Sourcing is, and when should you use it. We’ll also take a look at some Event sourcing examples with code snippets.

○ The wheels of open-source: we’ve got many of them

In 2015 I have published an NPM package “sister”. Sister is an event emitter: you are able to attach event listeners and emit events. If it sounds like a familiar pattern it’s because it is. In the I have included a list of 200 similar libraries. The package is a satire of course.

According to Gajus, the change needs to happen from the top to bottom. As an established open-source community we have to improve the collaboration. We couldn't agree more.

○ Parsing absolutely anything in JavaScript using Earley algorithm

Let me start by saying — I was surprised how easy it was to write grammar for an Earley parser. I have been using regular expressions for over a decade. And I am used to parse things using regular expressions. Its fragile, its not always possible, etc. But it is fast and for the most part it serves the purpose.

Familiarising with parsing algorithms changed this attitude forever.

○ Volunteers Needed for the Next Phase of the Node.js Certified Developer Program

The certification program aims to establish a baseline competency in Node.js. While not an expert in all areas, developers who pass the certification will be able to hit the ground running with Node.js.

Currently we are working with the community to determine specific questions that will be asked on the exam. To contribute to the Node.js Foundation Certification Development Item Writing Workshop Sessions, fill out this application.

○ Node.js Foundation Individual Membership Director election closes on January 30.

The Node.js Foundation is a member-supported organization. The Node.js Foundation Individual Director is the Node.js project’s community voice on the board. There are two individual directors that sit on the Node.js Foundation board and they serve a two-year term.

The Individual Membership Director is responsible for soliciting feedback and data that represents the wishes of other individual members and the community at large. They have been entrusted with the duty to make decisions based on the information they receive to best represent the community, and can gather input for proposals when relevant and granted permission to do so.

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