Node.js Weekly Update - 25 Nov, 2016

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5 Must-read Articles, Updates of the Week:

○ Can Node.js Scale? Ask the Team at Alibaba - Joyee Cheung

In advance of Node.js Interactive, Joyee Cheung told the story of how Alibaba instrumented Node.js, why they chose to use Node.js, and what challenges they faced with trying to scale Node.js on the server side.

○ Last Week in Node.js Working Groups - November, 14 2016 - Jeremiah Senkpiel

While seeming to be a quiet week on the surface, last week there was a fair amount of activity in many important projects.

○ Owning Node.js - Gergely Nemeth

3 Node.js tutorial videos to help you become a better developer. Debugging your applications, using async, finding memory leaks & CPU profiling.

○ WalmartLab’s Migrated to React and Nodejs in Less Than a Year - Alex Grigoryan

The story of how Walmart successfully migrated to React and Node.js with efficiency and speed. At the end of this talk, you should be able to make your own successful strategy to transform your technology stack quickly and successfully.

○ Node.js Databases: Using CouchDB - Pedro Teixeira

By default, CouchDB does not impose any specific schema to the documents it stores. Instead, it allows any data that JSON allows — as long as we have an object as the root. Because of that, any two documents in the same database can hold completely different documents, and it's up to the application to make sense of them.

Important Updates to the Node.js Core

Node v7.2.0 released

Notable changes

  • crypto: The Decipher methods setAuthTag() and setAAD() now return this (Kirill Fomichev) #9398
  • dns: Implemented {ttl: true} for resolve4() and resolve6() (Ben Noordhuis) #9296
  • process: Added a new external property to the data returned by memoryUsage() (Fedor Indutny) #9587
  • ** tls**: Fixed a memory leak when writes were queued on TLS connection that was destroyed during handshake. (Fedor Indutny) #9626
  • v8: The data returned by getHeapStatistics() now includes three new fields: malloced_memory, peak_malloced_memory, and does_zap_garbage. (Gareth Ellis) #8610

Read the full article: Node v7.2.0 released.

Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

Last week we read fantastic articles about fast logging in production, npm tricks and best practices as well as how the garbage collector works.