Node.js Weekly Update - 24 Feb, 2017

Read the most important Node.js weekly news & updates:

1. Node.js - Quality with Speed

One of the key tenets of the Node.js community is to allow change at a rapid pace in order to foster innovation and to allow Node.js to be used in a growing number of use cases.

Our community looks for the path that allows us to maintain our rate of change while ensuring the required level of quality. Many of the activities undertaken by the community over the last year are in support of this goal. This is our take on how these activities fit together.

2. 10 Best Practices for Writing Node.js REST APIs

This article will definitely help to get things right to the developers who face issues with REST APIs.

In this post we cover best practices for writing Node.js RESTful APIs - including route naming, authentication, API testing or using proper cache headers.

3. Graphs, GraphDBs and JavaScript + Exploring Trumpworld

Before we start using Neo4j, we'll consider the importance of graphs and the underlying data structure that allows GraphDBs to exist.

In this article, we're going to take an in-depth look at Graph Databases and we're going to use the world's most popular graph database for a fun, data-driven investigation of Donald Trump's various business interests.

4. Node 6 at Wikimedia: Stability and substantial memory savings

The greatest Node success story of this week was about how Wikimedia built significant Node.js services to complement the venerable wiki platform implemented in PHP.

Node 6 has delivered on stability and performance, setting a new benchmark for future releases. When combined with our shared library infrastructure and deployment processes, we are in a good spot with our Node platform: it lets our engineers focus on delivering reliable features for users and minimizes time spent on unexpected issues.

5. How China Does Node

In this episode of The Future of Node series Shiya Luo (Developer Evangelist @Autodesk) talks about

  • how China does Node,
  • translations of documentation and books from English to Chinese,
  • and the Great Firewall of China which makes it very difficult for the people of China to interact with the rest of the web.

Latest Node.js Releases

○ Node v4.8.0 (LTS)

  • child_process: add shell option to spawn()
  • deps:
  • v8: expose statistics about heap spaces
  • crypto:
  • add ALPN Support
  • allow adding extra certs to well-known CAs
  • fs: add the fs.mkdtemp() function.
  • process:
  • add externalMemory to process
  • add process.cpuUsage()

○ Node v6.10.0 (LTS)

The SEMVER-MINOR changes include:

  • crypto: allow adding extra certs to well-known CA
  • deps: Upgrade INTL ICU to version 58
  • process: add process.memoryUsage.external
  • src: add wrapper for process.emitWarning()

Notable SEMVER-PATCH changes include:

  • fs: cache non-symlinks in realpathSync.
  • repl: allow autocompletion for scoped packages

Node v7.6.0 (Current) with Async/Await

  • deps:
  • update V8 to 5.5
  • upgrade libuv to 1.11.0
  • add node-inspect 1.10.4
  • upgrade zlib to 1.2.11
  • lib: build node inspect into node
  • crypto: Remove expired certs from CNNIC whitelist
  • inspector: add --inspect-brk
  • fs: allow WHATWG URL objects as paths
  • src: support UTF-8 in compiled-in JS source files
  • url: extend url.format to support WHATWG URL

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