Node.js Weekly Update - 18 Nov, 2016

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6 Must-read Articles, Updates of the Week:

○ Pino, Fast Node.js logging for Production - Stefan Thies

During the Node Interactive event in Amsterdam we had the pleasure of speaking with Matteo Collina from nearForm about the blazingly fast logger “Pino”. In this post we’ll share our insights into Pino and the additional steps required to have a reliable and fast log management solution for Node.js applications.

○ 7 More npm Tricks to Knock Your Wombat Socks Off - Tierney Coren

There are definitely some tricks when it comes to using npm’s CLI. There’s a ton of small features that you’d never know about unless someone told you or you inspect the docs insanely thoroughly.

○ What Are The Bots Up To On npm? - Adam Baldwin

Last year I had a thought, “who else is downloading and running / testing random modules on npm.” Postulating that there might be bots, build systems or other researchers mass downloading and running modules from npm.

○ Node.js Garbage Collection Explained - Gergely Nemeth

Every application needs memory to work properly. Memory management provides ways to dynamically allocate memory chunks for programs when they request it, and free them when they are no longer needed - so that they can be reused.

○ Exploring Node.js core dumps using the llnode plugin for lldb - Howard Hellyer

This article is aimed as being a primer for developers who are interested in using core dumps to help them debug Node.js problems. If you are a C/C++ developer who is comfortable with core dumps, ulimits, gcore and debuggers then you are probably comfortable with using core dumps.

○ Abusing npm libraries for data exfiltration - Asankhaya Sharma

Package and dependency managers like npm allow command execution as part of the build process. Command execution provides an easy and convenient mechanism for developers to script tasks during the build. For instance, npm allows developers to use pre-install and post-install hooks to execute tasks.

Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

Last week we read fantastic articles about Stability in the Node Core, Node.js monitoring, Redis, and we learned 19 things from the Node.js Docs. Node v7.1.0 was also released.