Node.js Weekly Update - 17 March, 2017

Read about the most important Node.js weekly news, projects & updates:

1. Serverless Slack Bot with Node.js & Lambda

It's nice to have a lightweight service to send stuff to Slack!

It's a great experience to work with AWS Lambda in combination with Serverless framework. You can easily build and host these functions in your main codebase. You don’t have to maintain it (update, monitor,…) and you only have to pay per execution.

2. How to Use npm Scripts as Your Build Tool

In this course you'll get an introduction the topic of using npm scripts as a build tool.

We will start simple and then continue to build a small website as we introduce new topics. By the end of the course, you'll know how to get started and what tools and techniques are needed for you to create your own set of build scripts.

3. Client-Side Routing Explained

In this article, we discuss how client-side routing with JavaScript differs from server-side routing and why should it be treated differently.

4. Concurrency In Node.js Using The Cluster Module

When you execute a Node.js process, it runs in a single thread. This means that it only has access to a single core on the host machine.

In order to take advantage of the multi-core power of modern machines, we actually need to run multiple Node.js processes. There are ways to do this outside of Node.js itself; but, Node.js provides a native way to accomplish this: the Cluster module.

5. Notes from the Node.js VM Summit

The Chakra group is currently focused on addressing ABI compatibility problems facing the Node native module ecosystem.

The Chakra team was delighted to host the third Node.js VM Summit recently here at Microsoft. These meetings bring together JavaScript VM vendors, Node collaborators, and CTC members. This group is currently focused on addressing ABI compatibility problems facing the Node native module ecosystem.

Latest Node.js Releases

○ Node v7.7.3 (Current)

  • module: The module loading global fallback to the Node executable's directory now works correctly on Windows.
  • net: Socket.prototype.connect now once again functions without a callback.
  • url: URL.prototype.origin now properly specified an opaque return of 'null' for file:// URLs.

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