Node.js Weekly Update - 16 Dec, 2016

Read the most important Node.js news & updates from this week: npm 5, Clean Coding, switching to Yarn, CI with Jenkins, Node Maturity Checklist, V8 ❤️ Node.js

The 6 must-read Node.js articles of this Week:

[email protected], specifications, and our RFC process

[email protected] will arrive before the release of Node.js 8. Features:

  • a faster client, as measured by benchmarking and profiling tools available to everyone;
  • a much improved version of npm-shrinkwrap.json, npm’s lockfile;
  • new tools intended for use with upcoming registry features.

○ Node.js Clean Coding

This post covers general clean coding principles for naming and using variables & functions, as well as some JavaScript specific clean coding best practices.

“Even bad code can function. But if the code isn’t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees.” — Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

○ Why we switched to Yarn

After experimenting with Yarn and discovering the benefits, Distelly decided to switch. Read why:

After fiddling with Yarn for 15 minutes or so after its initial release, I concluded that Yarn was designed to address problems faced only by very large organizations. NPM met all of my needs, so why should I invest time and energy into learning something that doesn't provide me with value that I don't already have?

○ Integrating Jenkins with Github, Node.js and Slack

This post helps you set up a continuous integration environment using Jenkins for a Node.js project hosted in a private Github repository with integrated Slack notifications.

○ The Node.js Maturity Checklist

This list gives you a starting point to understand how well Node.js is adopted in your company.

○ V8 ❤️ Node.js

This blog post highlights some of the recent efforts in V8 and DevTools.

Node's popularity has been growing steadily over the last few years, and we have been working to make Node better.

Contents: Debugging, ES6 speed-ups, Fixes for Node.js vm module & REPL, Async/await, Bleeding Edge Node.js

Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

Last week we read fantastic articles about project structuring, Yarn & Lockfiles, meanwhile Node.js v7.2.1 (Current) & v6.9.2 (LTS) got released.