Node.js Weekly Update - 1 Dec, 2016

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5 Must-read Articles, Updates of the Week:

○ Introducing the Node.js API

The Node.js API is focused on defining a stable module API that is independent from changes in V8.

○ The Node Security Project moves to the Node.js Foundation - Adam Baldwin

We are excited to announce that today ^Lift Security and &yet are donating the Node Security Project and its data to the Node Foundation.

○ Writing Native Node.js Modules - Peter Czibik

This article explains how native Node.js modules work, and how you can use them to increase the performance of your application.

○ Node-ChakraCore and VM Neutrality in Node.js

We’re excited to announce recent developments towards VM Neutrality, starting with Node.js API prototypes and progress towards cross-platform support in Node-ChakraCore.

○ On Funding hapi.js Core Development - Eran Hammer

Over the past few months, people have noticed that there are fewer hapi core releases and that issues requiring code changes take longer to resolve. Some have been visibly frustrated by this. Some thoughts on the subject.

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Previously in the Node.js Weekly Update

Last week we read fantastic articles about scaling Node at Alibaba, Walmart's migration to Node.js and React, and about using CouchDB.