Node.js Weekly Update - 11 Nov, 2016

From now on, we'll collect and republish the most important Node.js news each week on the RisingStack community blog. We use various sources to collect them, like the awesome Node Weekly, Node.js Daily, EchoJS, Reddit/Node, Node Foundation and so on.

If you miss something from this weekly Node.js update, please let us know in the comments!

6 Must-read Articles, Updates of the Week:

○ Stability first - Mathias Buus

Innovation shouldn't come from Node core. It should come from modules. It should come from modules because they are easy to publish and they are extremely easy to update.

○ Node Interactive Ticket Giveaway - Open Until 13 November

RisingStack is doing a Ticket Giveaway for Node Interactive North America. Complete a short quiz and win one of the 3 tickets!

○ Node Knockout this Saturday

Node Knockout is a 48-hour hackathon featuring node.js. It's an online, virtual competition with contestants worldwide.

○ Node.js Monitoring Done right - Peter Marton

Node.js Monitoring is essential for companies building competitive products with great user experience — the goal of this article is to discuss the reasons for it.

○ Using Redis for Fun and Profit - Pedro Teixeira

Redis is the Swiss knife of in-memory databases: you can use it to implement many different use-cases, ranging from a data cache or a work queue to a statistics log.

○ 19 Things I Learnt Reading the Node.js Docs - David Gilbertson

I’d like to think I know Node pretty well. I haven’t written a web site that doesn’t use it for about 3 years now. But I’ve never actually sat down and read the docs.

Important Updates to the Node.js Core

Node v7.1.0 released

Notable changes

  • buffer: add buffer.transcode to transcode a buffer's content from one encoding to another primarily using ICU (James M Snell) #9038
  • child_process: add public API for IPC channel (cjihrig) #9322
  • lib: make String(global) === '[object global]' #9279
  • libuv: Upgraded to 1.10.0 #9267
  • readline: use icu based string width calculation (James M Snell) #9040

Read the full article: Node v7.1.0 released.

Node.js Weekly Update

This was a great week, with many useful Node.js tutorials. Let us know in the comments section if you'd add anything !