Node Interactive Giveaway - Win 1 of the 3 tickets (until November 13)

Here at Trace by RisingStack we have been always enthusiastic about supporting the Node.js developer community. This is the reason we publish new tutorials on our Engineering blog every week, and why we launched RisingStack Community and Node.js Daily just recently.

This takes us to the next step..

We'll be attending Node.js Interactive North America as sponsors, and we'll help you to be there too!

We have 3 spare tickets, and we'd love to give them to Node.js developers who are interested in attending the conference - for completely free.

To do so, you only have to take our super-short quiz and have a little bit of luck! We will randomly select the winners from the ones who complete it flawlessly.

Please, take the quiz only if ..

  • you are able to attend the full event (November 29 - December 2),
  • you will come if you win a ticket, and
  • you can cover the accommodation and travel for yourself.

Don't spoil the opportunity for others! If you can't make it, share this post with others instead.

About Node.js Interactive North America:

Node.js Interactive North America, the marquee event for JavaScript developers, companies that rely on Node.js and the vendors that support both of these constituents with tools, training and other services. For more info, visit